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Healing From Within

"Healer opens the door for remedy, enter it in guidance to experience thyself."

Stress, Distress and De-Stress:

Constant attack of stress gives continuous pressure because of which the body is compelled to produce extra doses of stress inducing chemicals. Any change that happens in the body due to stress requires an adjustment or response. The body’s reaction  to these changes would be  with physical, mental, and emotional responses. It should be noted that not all stress is bad. Small doses of stress does help the body to accomplish tasks and prevent the body from getting hurt.The body starts to produce the anti-inflammatory substances which help in tissue repair. Beware, this anti-inflammatory response could result in spoiling the body’s self defense mechanism if proper care is not taken. Prolonged stress ultimately breaks the body’s strength working slowly but surely to kill the person.

Stress is a normal phenomenon being part of everyone’s  life. Many events does happen to you and around you  and many things that one does to oneself results in putting the body to stress. One can experience the stress not just from the environment, but also from the  body, and the thoughts.

When a person is in stress, it not only damages the tissues or cells but also affects the various organ and system functioning. Due to stress, knowingly or unknowingly, our breathing rate could increase resulting in making the lungs weak. It can affect liver functioning which is a vital organ where work of liver is to break the fat and proteins stored in it and further release as a source of energy to the body. When in stress, liver functioning could get  disturbed affecting the body as a whole.

It is very natural as the human body is designed to experience stress and consequently react to it as well. Stress will  be a positive phenomenon when it can  keep us alert and ready to avoid any danger. Stress will become negative when a person is exposed to continuous challenges without any relief or relaxation between challenges. Resultant factor is the person getting overworked and stress-related tension building.

When stress continues to exist without any relief can lead to a condition which is a term called as distress which is  a negative stress reaction. Distress leads to physical symptoms that includes headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, and sleeping disorders. Research directs us to believe that stress can bring in or worsen certain symptoms of disorders or diseases.

In the same way, we have to find relief from stress. The spiritual way is to have faith first in GOD and then on the self. Exercising (yoga) regularly and ensuring good thoughts to run in ones mind is what will show the way to de-stress.

‘Healing from Within” would help in assessing the religious and spiritual aspects of people’s lives. It is also to guide to sustain and help a person to move on in difficult times and answer the person’s enquiry indicating all his or her spiritual concerns and pursuits. The spiritual dimension will have to be in harmony with the universe and seek answers about the infinite, specially focussing at times on emotional stress, physical (and mental) illness, loss etc.

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