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Sai S. Suresh as a Clairvoyant - A Testimonial

Today many people have come to know of Sai S. Suresh only through the word of mouth. All of it started with family, friends and from then on to other people who now follow and practice the methods which have been advised by GURU through her. She basically tries to give solutions to people who have faith in the words of Baba (Shirdi Sai Baba). People who lack in faith cannot expect solutions to the problem. In absence of faith nothing would work. Vibes or Aura spread to work better when there is abundance of faith, belief and the desired surrender. It is just like a drop of water falling on the rock from a height each day creating a crater on the rock in due course of time.

Right practices would work the same way.. Here an example can be given of one of her clients who has turned out to be an ardent devotee of Baba. That person was suffering from financial losses in his business. He visited many places, met astrologers and consulted with vaastu consultants. Going by all the advices, he even demolished his house and reconstructed it as per vaastu advice in order to get out of the problem. To his bad luck, the problem persisted and  there remained still a big burden staring at him leading to losses that doubled due to reconstruction.

This very same person who was so desperate for a solution was feeling funny with the suggestions made by Sai S. Suresh as he believed that the simple solutions suggested to him to solve his big problem created was unbelievable for him. The reason is that he had followed suggestions of some of the experts who had given him a bigger programs to follow. That ultimately made him to have heavier burden is a different question altogether.  Sai S. Suresh gave him an yantra to tie to the back corner of the compound wall on to an iron rod kept for fencing. He had come to her for solution and he had to follow the instructions. She told him that she can visualise that many decades ago, a body was buried in that land and the land had changed many hands. The soul of the man buried there was not happy seeing anyone happy. The man had died with his desire to getting rich unfulfilled. So nobody who lived on that land was allowed to prosper. The most crucial aspect here was that there was a wall that had come up just at the point of the resting place of the man who had died, that at the "L" point, which was the main reason for all the sufferings and the burden of financial and health problems multiplying.

The first solution suggested by Sai S. Suresh therefore was to curb the bad effected created by the power of evil or of the unsatisfied atma that existed there. The yantra that was given to tie at the back corner of the compound wall was just to stop the evil acts. She also suggested a second solution to not only light a lamp but also to keep a box to deposit one rupee every month to please the evil atma to support with goodness.

Things changed and the man started to prosper. There has been no looking back ever since for him. He not only now consults with Sai S. Suresh regularly for every happening of his life but more importantly he has turned out to be a great devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba.

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Today many people have come to know of Sai S. Suresh only through the word of mouth. All of it started with family, friends and from then on to other people who now...
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