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Healing From Within

"Healer opens the door for remedy, enter it in guidance to experience thyself."

Past, Present & Future:

Healing many times become a treatment of consideration of last resort, it will be so when all conventional interventions would have failed. A preventive intent is desired and will be useful in most cases. As the saying goes, Prevention is better than Cure, seeking the guidance from Sai S. Suresh, the Spiritual Healer who has the ability to visualise & picture the images of events happened, happening and will be able to caution and support you with remedial suggestions too.

It would never matter which religious following one would have, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist... but the net effect is all about the conceptions that are normal constituting to be a "Healthy Spirituality" is what is desired and which one can seek to see, feel and get from Sai S. Suresh who can read the meaning of what is that factor that is bothering connected to the past, present or the future.

Questions from the Past:

"Emotional stress could result in some kind of loss, or drawn out of a threat of loss. Answers are to be sought to know if one has suffered any major losses or bereavements? How has it all affected? How to cope? What can help one to survive?"

Relating to the Present:

"It is to think about what is the current status, how it is to be understood? Are there any symptoms of stress, distress, suffering and of what kind of botheration it is? Is it all about going through all the explanations, talk, analyse, visualise, find meanings and what’s going on?  Would any spiritual aspect  be needed to address the problem or the current needs?"

Connecting with the Future:

"How and what to consider for the immediate future? Is it going to be of a longer term? Would it be for someone to sometimes to think about reaching the end and dying? Or to find out about the possibility of an afterlife? What are your main fears in regard to  the future? Are there any bothering guilt, or a strong feel for the need for forgiveness? Would it all not been an exercise to that could give the hope?"

Conversations with Guru:

Baba says – now a days people are using body power first and then allow mind to think. It should be ideal to think well first and then act appropriately and as necessary...
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Today many people have come to know of Sai S. Suresh only through the word of mouth. All of it started with family, friends and from then on to other people who now...
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