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Healing From Within

"Healer opens the door for remedy, enter it in guidance to experience thyself."


It is always very important to select a healer when one has to look for remedies and it is very much similar to selecting a psychotherapist. The word of mouth linked personal recommendations from people you know and respect and who have had a personal experience as well go a long way in selecting the right healer. The subtle vibrational resonances or the aura connect make it conducive in bridging the right connect between the healer and the healed. A person who is a good Clairvoyant will have to be well versed with the Science of Healing and all the connected aspects that connect the body with the universe and be able to balance any variations that would exist creating the problems or bringing misfortune.

It is therefore important to understand also that there exists a great balancing connection between the 5 elements or the Panchabhutas that correspond to sense organs in the human body to keep in balance with its cosmic counterparts or to keep a certain balance between the Universe and the Body. Human body made up of Panchabhootas; be detailed as  the physical body with muscles and bones referring to Earth, blood and other fluid in the body referring to Water, the temperature of the body referring to Fire, the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body referring to Air, the Athma (Soul) referring to Space.

These bhootas that can be connected or recognised with the 5 parts in the human body  are-

  • Akaash or Ether – Cognize, soul, Knowledge, pride or ego and five inner senses
  • Air or Vayu – Apaana, Samaana, Vyana, Udana and Praana
  • Agni or Fire – It is in the form of body parts like the ears, skin, eyes, nose and tongue also known as jnanendriyas.
  • Water or Jal – It is in the form of senses in our body – sound, touch, form, taste and smell
  • Earth or Prithvi – It is in the form of five organs in our body – hands, legs, genitals and excretory system also known as karmendriyas

Any variation in this balance results in natural disasters, and diseases in the body. The combination of positive thinking loaded with positive vibes, good oxygen intake resulting in improved blood flow can make a person to feel  fit, fine and healthy.

It is to be noted and observed that when we allow our body to overtake our mind, we face many problems related to disorders in the body like digestive problem, stress, infection of lungs, damage to liver and heart etc.

In fact, signs of stress shows up on the mind and the body which are all emotive in nature. Emotions like anxiety, anger, fear are a free invitation to stress. Once these factors are allowed to enter in to our system, resultant factors are nerve impulses and muscular disorders.

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