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Healing From Within

"A clairvoyant of substance, possessing the ability to concentrate."

About Sai S. Suresh

Sai S. Suresh is a well educated individual and a devoted housewife, but not bound by any tradition or philosophy (except the philosophies of her Guru) as being a Clairvoyant. She prefers to pray and predict from the spontaneous flow through her senses gifted by "GOD".

Sai S. Suresh has been  a Clairvoyant since her childhood and has spent the last 15 years  being in communion with the divine, sharing this gift with relatives, friends and many others with open heart and mind. Many have benefited experiencing to reach new levels in  life, improved health, wealth and personal empowerment through her gifted ability to heal by touch.

From "Adi kaal", meaning, from times immemorial, man has always indulged in fighting within himself over many unresolved issues, which has only resulted in him not able to recognise or seek or study his own Body, Mind and Soul. It is the ability present in Sai S. Suresh, a student of Alternative medicine and naturopathy, made it possible for her to be a good healer. She had also helped herself for spiritual and healthy living by reading lot of books. In her formative days of recognition of the powers present in her, her own family members did not take her seriously when she recommended anything upfront. It did take sometime to recognise the special power she possessed in her to feel and accept. Her recommendations started to get the nod with her aura spread and the feel of the positive energies coming from her after her meditative sessions. She has now been recognised to be a very good spiritual healer.

Conversations with Guru:

Baba says – now a days people are using body power first and then allow mind to think. It should be ideal to think well first and then act appropriately and as necessary...
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Today many people have come to know of Sai S. Suresh only through the word of mouth. All of it started with family, friends and from then on to other people who now...
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