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Healing From Within

"A clairvoyant of substance, possessing the ability to concentrate."

Other Activities:

Sai S. Suresh has been focussing her energies to support the suffering by her healing abilities through Clairvoyance. She is also contributing greatly for moulding the kids in the age group of 5-15 years to be assets for the future by several mind, body and soul searching activities to render them to be in unison and to stay spirited.

Classes Conducted:

During vacation period, classes are conducted to enlighten the minds of kids through fabric painting, flower making, meditation as also simple and basic embroidery.

Bal Vikas Classes:

Sai S. Suresh conducts Bal Vikas classes for children between 5-15 years of age. Efforts are on to put the kids to the right track in their formative and crucial years using Meditation, moral stories telling, reciting shlokas and revise them, groom them better by an exercise for the kids to express themselves through stories. Kids are also taught simple yoga mudras that shall help them with good health.

Fabric Painting:

Colour has the main role when it is all about creating something through painting. It is only through the activity of painting, which is a very creative act, one can understand life and make life to be colourful. A beautiful portrait can be created only when there is the right combination of colour.

Flower Making:

Flowers created out of old clothes and with every flower so created has to unite with the other to make a garland to represent– UNITY IN DIVERSITY.


Embroidery is an act where different coloured threads are used and woven to create something of a marvel and the kids are made to understand that one can learn the Strength of Living and to also understand the real meaning of THE STRENGTH LYING IN UNITY OR  UNITY IS STRENGTH

Conversations with Guru:

Baba says – now a days people are using body power first and then allow mind to think. It should be ideal to think well first and then act appropriately and as necessary...
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Today many people have come to know of Sai S. Suresh only through the word of mouth. All of it started with family, friends and from then on to other people who now...
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