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Healing From Within

"A clairvoyant of substance, possessing the ability to concentrate."

Introduction to Clairvoyance:

The term clairvoyance means Clear Vision. This process under taken by a person who has the ability and the power to visualise clearly the picture is a Clairvoyant. When he or she guides the person suffering through the spiritual healing by the focussed intention, hand contact or energy transfer to improve the condition of a person can be termed as Clairvoyance. (1st para to completely replace)

Spiritual healing can be defined as a systematic, purposeful intervention to help another living being (anything in the living system - human beings, animals, plants etc.) by one or more persons.

Spiritual healing happens without the use of conventional energetic, mechanical, or chemical interventions. Attributes for spiritual healing effects is given by some healers to God or other "higher powers", and also to a great extent the powers residing in the healer may be due to the spirits, universal or cosmic forces or energies, biological healing energies or forces or self-healing powers or energies latent in the healee as obtained by birth.

It should be noted that the psychological interventions are integral part of healing, but it is the spiritual healing that could add many dimensions to interpersonal factors. Healing can be sought often for acute or severe problems and can be less often when conditions improve.

Conversations with Guru:

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